Campaign of the Month: January 2008

A Deadly Affair

Adapting to Change

Lem has made huge strides towards his goals, but every step forward yields a new challenge. While he’s been awarded a holding, it’s a four-day journey to reach a series of simple farming communities. While he’s helped locate and recover Prince Dareon’s soul, an assassination plot against the captain of the city guard has placed the University of the Archmage under scrutiny.

Lem’s solution? Spend money to make money. Procuring a Ring Gate from the University’s vault, Lem sent his manservant, Argyle, and a small band of mercenaries to his new holdings to evaluate the land. With one Ring Gate safe at the University and the other with Argyle, Lem will be able to readily move back and forth between Pact and his holding. Making the most of a bad situation, Lem also convinced the Sheriff of the City Watch to double his initial order of muskets.

With his diplomatic and financial plans set in motion (once again), Lem set out to find answers about the connection to the University and the assassination plot. Tracking down an old bard of great renown, Lem learned the spell used to alter Argyle’s memory was that of a bard, requiring either either a powerful bard or a well-connected and powerful wizard to do the casting in person. From the bard, Lem learned a potential weakness in the spell, and left the old bard to find the holes that might still be left in Argyle’s memory.



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