Campaign of the Month: January 2008

A Deadly Affair


Tangling the Paths

Conducting business with Dr. Joker and Mr. Hyena (Lem)

Lem has taken new – and debatably low – measures towards his goal of acquiring gnomish technology. Having learned from LiAndra Vale that a gnomish artifact exists within the city, he’s enlisted the aid of the University’s alchemist – more specifically, the alchemist’s alter ego – to help find it. Having paid for a lead as to the owners whereabouts, Lem had the alchemist use his network of disreputable contacts to investigate it (and get the money back Lem paid for the lead).

Panic in the Street

Before noon, all the city bells started to ring, crowds formed, and City Watch and Falcon Knights were seen dashing about the city. With a few pointed questions, interested characters discovered that Prince Dareon had been assassinated! He’d been shot in the back by a crossbow – the bolt laced with a mysterious and fast-acting poison that killed him in seconds. Worse yet, the inquisitor riding guard with Dareon while he visited the market was discovered dead in his saddle and radiating strong necromancy.

The prince’s knights soon found the assassin’s vantage, and recovered the bow he dropped while fleeing, but the assassin himself escaped.

Looking South for Trade and Wonder (Lem)

In the meantime, Lem made arrangements to meet with a caravan master headed to the troll kingdoms, as well as securing leave from his archon to make the journey. While unsuccessful in securing a fast transit to the troll kingdoms, he did manage to convince his archon to personally teleport him partway.

While his dream is a long ways away, the help of the alchemist(s) has brought him a step in the right direction – assuming that rogue didn’t go and get himself killed.

Grave Peril

The Royal Family immediately made the necessary arrangements to raise their son from the dead, but the family priest’s ritual failed. Angered and suspicious of the Trinity‘s motives, Queen Anaya took her son’s body to the Temple of the Nord, where their attempts also failed. The High Inquisitor deduced that his soul had been trapped by the assassin or an accomplice.



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