Campaign of the Month: January 2008

A Deadly Affair

Bloody Business

Vengence in the Street and Business on the Road


I found him. Such luck! After too long of a search for my tastes, I finally located the gold-tattooed orc who killed my mentor, Glid. I tried to reason with him – I only wanted to find out why he did it, who paid him, what the reason was. He didn’t take well to reason.

I had lost my patience with waiting for the Inquisitors and I know it is best to do things yourself if you want them done correctly. So, I did what any sensible person would – disguised myself and traveled to Mudtown to seek him out. But, wait, that’s not the important part here.

The prince has been killed! Murdered in the street, by way of a poisoned arrow. I rushed to the castle when I heard, and no magic has been able to bring him back, even though his body is in our possession. We even brought him to my church, but nothing is working. Someone has his soul and we must get it back. With this happening, everything is offset, and too many things are turning to dark and evil.

My cousin saw the whole thing – she ran to me, shaken and covered in blood. She didn’t see much, but she mentioned a gem merchant who disappeared from view far too quickly. Another mystery, and another priority on the list of things to do for the Inquisitors. That is how I ended up where I was today.

I don’t know if it was residual anger from losing Glid, the shock of the death of Prince Dareon, or something deeper, but when this orc resisted my questions and was so belligerent, I just couldn’t bear it. I attacked him, and again, and when he ran, I chased him. We ran into a crowd, and I drew the crowd’s attention to him to slow him down. When I caught up with him, I slew him – right there, in the street! I am grateful I was disguised, but if I hadn’t been, I still would have done it. His existence is just another imbalance.

I did stabilize him, to stop him from truly dying, and then took him, bloodied and bound, to the church. I will have answers. I will find a way to balance the scales.


Once the orc was tied up in the lower cells of the church, he didn’t resist my questions very much anymore. In fact, his responses were prompt, and I gained quite a bit of information. As it turns out, he was hired by a blind orc who lived in a theater underground. My heart fell when I heard it, because my growing suspicions of LiAndra‘s newfound friends have been plaguing me already, but now they’ve just been confirmed. Anyone so determined to make a vision happen has got to have something bad in their hand, and they were willing to stop at nothing to get that storm.

What is worse is that they are wrapped up with Drealig Crowsfist. I don’t like that dwarf, and I haven’t since I first saw him. He’s slimy and I feel always like he is waiting behind me. He, however, is the one to which the blind orc gave Glid’s head.

The assassin also had stolen Glid’s belongings, so I recovered them from Mudtown under the altar in the shrine he had been hiding in. An amulet, some assorted belongings from strangers, and Glid’s prayer box. Inside the box was a cypher written on a roll of parchment. I’m not particularly good with codes, so I called upon Dean and Dalara for their help. It took a little bit of time, but we determined that it had one important thing to say:

“Beware the dark dwarf. His plan is the end of all.”

Dean also caught a few other words mixed in, the first being Xether – the name of a terrible demon, and also “hordes”, which I suppose could simply be coincidence, but still unsettles me.

I packed the assassin up and sent him to the church for proper judgement. I hope that the removal of his hands before his departure was at least enough of a deterrent to keep him from trying to escape. There’s no reason for him to be injured more before Shima calls her judgement.

I took what I now know to the Inquisitor Turncrank. He seemed to find the information very valuable – and it is likely the Inquisitors will take on this underground theater of murderers. I just have to try to get LiAndra out of their grasp.



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