Campaign of the Month: January 2008

A Deadly Affair


Preparing for the Inevitable

Ritual of Transformation (Terasian Goldbraid – jimtheduckie)

The process Drealig Crowsfist performed on Ter was a time-consuming one, but hopefully the benefits would be worth the time lost. He agreed to stay at the Dome of Dreams, though against the dwarf’s recommendation, he still left the confines masked from time to time. Almost immediately his skin began to darken, or rather turn gray. His eyes lost their blue and his hair also began to fade, almost whitening. He also noticed something of a sensitivity to light. This last bit irked the elf, though only slightly. Humans tended to work most in the light, but proper business was conducted within the confines of 4 walls and a roof. If the sensitivity got any worse, he thought, he may have to get shaded glass to put over the eyes of his mask. He also sensed a new magical element raising in his essence. He swore that the lights actually dimmed when he asked them to the first day of the ritual, but he couldn’t figure out how to do it again.

Waking Nightmares (Gräfin Ursula Mannpurtz – BrieCS)

One night, Ursula felt a tugging in her mind, but pushed it away. The next morning she departed in the direction of the Dreamseekers’ Dome of Dreams to ask Old Brother Tzertan of the issue, and met Maurissen Blacktooth on the way. They did not discuss their experiences, but when they reached the Dome, before she could meet with the Brother, she saw an unpleasantly familiar face – that of the black dwarf who had been in service of the Duke of Blackwash before his death. She ran after him, crashing through a door and pinning him to the ground, demanding his reason for being there. While scanning the room, she saw Elren, now with greyish hair and eyes – something very startling.

Complications (Terasian Goldbraid – jimtheduckie)

It was on the second day of his transformation that something went… wrong. The ritual continued to prove successful, and the dwarf left to consult a few books for a moment, leaving Ter in the room alone. Shortly after he had returned however, Ursula burst down the door, knocked Drealig to the ground and trampling him underfoot. Raising her hammer over her head, she was screaming, asking why he was there, and threatening him. Ter, thinking the half-giant oaf had finally gone Coo-coo mad, considered preparing for a fight, and instead did what he did best – run and hide. Maurissen coaxed him out eventually, and deciding he was out of dangers way for another day, he returned to the ritual room.

Unsatisfactory Answers (Gräfin Ursula Mannpurtz – BrieCS)

She continued to demand the dwarf’s reason for being there (“I’m a brother of this order!”) until she had no more means to hold him, then left to speak to Old Brother Tzertan about that. After she had addressed it (although his answers were not entirely satisfactory), she spoke of the mental tugging. Maurissen told a similar, but more detailed story, of how she spoke to a hooded figure who desired to defect from the group of the Pit’Hai in the dreaming.

Informing the King (Gräfin Ursula Mannpurtz – BrieCS)

After they spoke to Brother Tzertan, they addressed the issue at the council. A discussion was made as to whether this was genuine, and whether the Elves meant to stay or not. There was an indication that Ursula would leave at the end of the month with Elren with an emissary (the Princess) to New Andar and request an emissary in return.

A Charge (Terasian Goldbraid – jimtheduckie)

During his time out, he still tended to business. After all, 3 days with no supervision, even the lords couldn’t be expected to keep things running smoothly. It also let him keep eyes on the court. The court, as was becoming the standard, turned towards accusations of what the Andari elves were planning on doing. Ter tried half-heartedly to smooth over any accusations, which only shone the spotlight on him further. Eventually King Denar Telloran asked if he would travel back to New Andar to negotiate an exchange – the King’s daughter for an Elven Heir. Seeing no harm in agreeing, he was surprised when he was told that Ursula would travel with him. Objecting, hoping someone else could go in her stead, proved fruitless. He decided immediately that he would level the negotiation table prior to the month-end journey.

Scene of the Crime (Gräfin Ursula Mannpurtz – BrieCS)

Soon after, Ursula took Maurissen to the place where she had found the Undead Pit’Hai, and they investigated the tunnels surrounding. One of them went right beneath the Dome of Dreams (where a weak wall was broken through by Ursula’s impatience), but nothing else was found. Maurissen did say that the of one large convergences of tunnels (with an outlet to the Mud Valley slums) was similar to that in her dream, though.

Transformed (Terasian Goldbraid – jimtheduckie)

After the ritual concluded, Ter was fully transformed into a Dark Elf. He’d seen elves who worked on ships, fields and the like, spending lots of time in the sun, and it always darkened their skin, but he was black as night. And thinking of the night, he could see more clearly when no light was around at all than in broad daylight. He continued to work on the control he had over light itself, though was still unsure the extent he really had. He also felt magically… resilient. And words tended to flow from his tongue just a bit better than before. All in all, he was very happy with the outcome, so long as he was able to continue wearing the mask that disguised is transformed features.

Enlisting Allies (Gräfin Ursula Mannpurtz – BrieCS)

She had begun sending letters to people throughout the world, including members of the Troll nations, Pintare, and to Baron Erik Modest, to gather forces to fight the great evil of the Pit’Hai’s master. Her close friend, Prince Karrel, then visited the city to discuss the recent events, and left a sizable mercenary force at the capital under the command of noted mercenary Skarth Lindock.

Money Matters (Terasian Goldbraid – jimtheduckie)

Teleporting back to the Hin lands, he negotiated with his Dreamer’s Draught supplier once again. He was unable to convince the man to pack up shop and leave with him, but did get him to agree that should he provide materials at a fraction of the cost, he may come to Pact. Leaving with as little information as the sources of two of the most difficult ingredients, he was certain a profit was to be made somewhere at the alchemist’s misfortune. He did manage to hire a Hin Scholar prior to leaving, hoping to learn the languages of the people, and perhaps selling some of his history. After completing this task, he left for New Rellien, to inform the elves the new information garnered from the captured Pit’hai (hrm, this information isn’t on OP… remind me to send you a write-up on that…) and to tell them of his future coming for the diplomatic exchange. Hoping that landing in the royal’s favor would benefit him at some point, he left to do a bit of information gathering on Dreamer’s Draught and it’s components.

Family Matters (Gräfin Ursula Mannpurtz – BrieCS)

Since Prince Karrel’s visit, Ursula has continued her dinners with Earl Jago Ortra, as well as her own business. She also had a surprise visitor – Damien, with the first diamonds from the successful delving into the mountains. Celebration was had, as well as much discussion over beginning their own new order of Knights to guard the diamonds, repairing the signal towers in the High Pass (recently opened by Damien and his band of adventurer friends), speaking with Lord Westron about the opening of the pass, and development of their diamond trade.

She also made a point to invite Sir Julian Tollek to visit to discuss his family’s military strength which could possibly be donated to the cause of protecting Pact in the case that the Pit’Hai invade, doing so while Damien will be in town simply to ease his nerves regarding her interaction with the Tolleks. She also arranged for a shipment of diamonds to be brought to Pact, since the first shipment was already on it’s way to Deepwell. Her many business workings have also involved updating her signet ring with the new crest of the Mannpurtz-Ortras.

The Statue Garden (Gräfin Ursula Mannpurtz – BrieCS)

She also spoke to Maurissen about funding her Statue Garden, an underground auditorium with a legitimate garden of statues (not at all the somewhat cliche petrified victims) . She donated a starting fund of 1000gp in diamonds, and told Maurissen to let her know what she needed when the time came near that she was prepared to make the final arrangements, as well as offering to have Maeron help with moving earth to clear the grounds.



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