Campaign of the Month: January 2008

A Deadly Affair

Insert Concern Here


Nessie asked me to use my runes to determine whether information she gathered in a dream was in fact real information. Apparently, the Rod of Peace (I honestly have no idea what that is) is in the city of Frigos in the old Leistos Kingdom which, of course, is still plagued with demons and weak veils between the planes.

Nessie organized an expedition to retrieve the Rod of Peace. Normally, I would have no business joining such a foolish and desperate adventure. Unfortunately, Eitne showed me that five adventurers are already there and in grave danger. There were thousands of hands made of ice coming from the darkness reaching for them. I cannot turn down a venture set before me by the Goddess. And in all fairness, she is my friend and I have to help her.

Nessie hired a warrior and an expert to join us to our meet point with the church warriors. We also found a notice for a strange half orc mercenary looking for work. His name escapes me, but he’s amazing.

We ran into a band of five warrior scouts from Prince Denar’s army. From 400 feet away, they had their weapons drawn. I immediately prepared River of Winds and managed to knock the leader off his horse and twenty feet backwards. Nessie entangled one of the men and his horse for the duration of the fight. The half orc took out his first guy with one attack; smashed in his breast plate and turned him into mush.

I attempted to intimidate them into turning tail. But, I’m a wispy half elf that appears to be completely blind and helpless. I can’t say I really expected them to believe me. I think the leader said something about taking my tongue… (that doesn’t really sound pleasant). Nessie of course was easily able to intimidate. One of the guys all out fainted at her threat, but then again, I wouldn’t want the wrath of Shima (or Nessie for that matter) aimed at me either. And I think that coupled with the half orc turning another one of their men into a bloody pulp was all the incentive the leader needed to turn tail.

We got all the information we could from the two remaining guys and turned them over to the nearest town for justice. Apparently, they had been terrorizing the countryside so it was straight to the gallows for them. Nessie sent the information back to the Queen and the Inquisitors. I also sent it to Duke Victor Goldbraid. He has been fair to me in the past and I will honor his integrity with that of my own. He does seem to care about the Kingdom as a whole and want the best for it.

I know Nessie doesn’t approve…something about him supporting Fareed Al-Siddiq rather than the King’s chosen heir. Quite honestly, now that the Church of the Trinity has been outed and the Oathbreaker kept off the throne, I’m not particularly concerned. If Eitne is at all perturbed she has yet to send me any visions to clue me in and I trust her judgement above all.

Hopefully, the extensive research on the architectural style of Dwarven cities will come in handy when we reach Frigos. I’m searching my mind still to find a way to inform those adventurers before we arrive. The only information I found cross referencing the hands of ice from the darkness and Leistos was that their first god emperor controlled ice power and ruled for 200 years.

I place my faith in Eitne that this crazy expedition into demon infested land does not get Nessie or I killed…or the half-orc, I’m pretty impressed with his…club wielding abilities.



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