Campaign of the Month: January 2008

A Deadly Affair

Knowledge is Power

Power has a price

Successfully discovering the means to build gnomish muskets, Lem sought out the Sheriff of the City Watch in order to secure a massive defense contract. After a few demonstrations and exaggerations, Lem managed to convince the Sheriff to sign a trial period contract and pay 11,000 gold pieces for 10 muskets with 10 shots each. Thankfully, Lem’s Archon remains helpful and gave Lem the approval to construct an assembly line to handle the orders for muskets.

And then a visit from LiAndra Vale provided Lem with something he had not counted on: a chance for Lordship. Asked to escort LiAndra to the Grand Theater, Lem met Fara Chukulka, who agreed to purchase some muskets. Known more for his access to hidden knowledge than his wealth, Lem asked to know the location of Prince Dareon’s soul.

And he got an answer – somewhere in House Deepwell. Learning from Fara that the king had offered both 50,000 gold pieces and the title of Lord to whomever could provide the location of his son’s soul, Lem easily conceded to Fara’s request of 35 muskets. Though he had to submit to a geas-like contract to ensure he would provide the muskets, Lem didn’t care much, as LiAndra assured him all the inhabitants of the Grand Theater, specifically Fara, would most likely be killed by the Inquisitors shortly after their visit. As an insurance policy, Lem rigged the musket he left with Fara to backfire.


What a test! Trying to figure out what was going on with the succession has been a nightmare. My suspicions were correct, though – Prince Denar: Oathbreaker and the Church of the Trinity not only conspired to kill Prince Dareon – rightful heir and right prick – but also are building up their army to usurp the throne. Thanks to LiAndra’s prophesy, I felt justified. With that information, I took LiAndra and went to the Queen with what we had. We knew the evidence rested in the underground theatre with Fara that we were supposed to infiltrate to drop off an idol that would permit the Inquisitors access, but had to get Danar in custody as soon as possible.

So, I requested an audience with the Queen, and handily enough managed to speak to her, and the King, and Turncrank, and Prince Danar himself. I admit, that made things a little more difficult. However, I spilled the beans like a farmer hit by lightning. I am pretty sure that Danar would be happy with me dead, but after I explained things, the King had Danar removed from the city, and we were sent to take care of Fara. Not before we offered the King the Phoenix blood – which he, in no surprise to me, refused. He’s awesome like that.

LiAndra went with Lem to see Fara, and I ran into Dean. No surprise to me, he was in a bundle of trouble. He’d somehow gotten gaesed by the Church of the Trinity to stay in the city and in the only benefit to me, he knew Prince Denar was bringing people into the city and still putting a force together. I took him to see Inquisitor Greenbeard, and with a little bit of magic on Greenbeard’s part, got the truth out of him – well, as much truth as I think he’s capable of. He still kept resisting and I swear, he made me so frustrated that I’m pretty sure I threatened to kill him in front of the Inquisitor. That kid is going to get himself killed purely out of being annoying. By someone. Potentially me.

Nonetheless, we are going to stop Denar and the Trinity. I will make sure of that.



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