Campaign of the Month: January 2008

A Deadly Affair

LiAndra's Meanderings

This is getting complicated.

Eitne is being as vague as ever and I have still not been able to earn passage into the Libraries. There are days when I grow very impatient with the world around me. It doesn’t seem to care about the whims of my Goddess. Sad for them; frustrating for me.

Nessie’s mentor from the temple is dead, but I’m sure she’ll get into that. That death would be what allowed Eitne to show me more. (Not that I’ve been able to figure out so far what any of the vision meant).

Drealig Crowsfist, who I spotted talking with and probably making a deal with Prince Siddiq al-Hazra, came to my cell recently. He offered to help me get more clear visions by form of ritual in return for helping him get Prince al-Hazra’s son chosen the King’s successor by vision or lie.

I decided more information was in order before actually making this deal and Drealig has allowed me time to consider. I turned to Lem to help gather information on Drealig. He is a merchant after all and has access to more resources than I do. We found very little information on him other than he had had dealings with the Duke of Blackwash before he was slain. He dealt with the current Duke’s father for a small time and then they parted ways. The current Duke is in town for the King’s Birthday so I sent word that I would like a meeting.

The Duke of Blackwash was kind enough to share information on Drealig albeit very little. Most of all, I was warned to be very cautious in my dealings with him. I promised the Duke that I would give him any information I came across via Eitne about the line of succession and his increase in wealth in exchange for his time. I’m not sure that this is a very good idea. I’m not much of the political-machining type and this probably doesn’t bode well for me. I can only hope being honest, but closed will be enough to keep me out of trouble.

I also sent word to my mentor back home, Lassi, in hopes, that she can give me some guidance on how to deal with Drealig and the storm I see coming. I’m worried that time is of the essence so I must figure out these visions soon.

My rune training is going well, but slow. Perhaps this will give me some extra insight into what Eitne has shown me.



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