Campaign of the Month: January 2008

A Deadly Affair


The Coming Enemy

Profiting from Pain (Terasian Goldbraid – jimtheduckie)

Though inexperienced in information brokerage, the concept seemed completely plausible to Terasian Goldbraid. I know something, you don’t, but you want to. So you pay me money and I give you what I know. Unfortunately the implementation didn’t match the theory. After traveling with the Andari pair to New Rellien, Ter found himself giving too much info in an attempt to win the trust of the royal representatives. Without any follow up information, he was only able to make a shaky agreement that further information may receive compensation. In fact, the only saving grace of the whole discussion came when asked why an Elf would withhold information that the safety of the country depends on, Ter responded by asking why the royals would withhold the true nature of the Seeds of Life and what had become of one.

Prior to leaving the city however, he got more information on his Dreamer’s Draught. Learning it comes from the Hin, he tracked down a few Hin travelers, and took steps to further place himself at the source of the potentially profitable substance.

Noble Pursuits (Gräfin Ursula Mannpurtz – BrieCS)

As the weeks progressed, Ursula began a search for the Pit’Hai while attempting to work on many other things, including an agreement with Elren concerning investments in her land at Far Point. The endeavor makes her uncomfortable, but she’s trying to see the benefits in it, and his proposal was convincing. Any benefit to Far Point, for her, is important. As time passed, the scholars at the University presented her with useful information concerning the coming of the Elves to this world – and as time passed and councils were held at the court and discussion with Old Brother Tzertan, more information was gained – including the existence of a Seed of Destruction and the existence of a Dream Key that the Pit’Hai were trying to locate. This was the same key that was once used by gnomes to open portals to allow hellish monsters to invade the city of Leis. It was also revealed that there are multiple Keys.

The Terror of Certainty (Terasian Goldbraid – jimtheduckie)

Back in Pact Ter attended a court discussion on the potential meanings of the Eclipse. It was there that he learned not only were the Pit’hai coming, but they were using the dreaming to do it, and had a large staging area in the dreaming at the ancient capital of Leistos. He resolved to store away as much information as possible and attempt to broker it one more time.

Hunting the Enemy (Gräfin Ursula Mannpurtz – BrieCS)

It took much time to locate the Pit’Hai, and she paid a large number of homeless people to travel through Pact and tell her where they saw a creature fitting it’s description. The search had few coinciding reports, but the few that were led to success when she sent Maeron the Wild and her dog, Rainer, to investigate the location. She had Maeron watch for a few days, but then had him go with Rainer, and Rainer caught the scent of the Pit’Hai – at a tavern frequented by adventurers, the Black Swan.

Putting Stock in New Ideas (Terasian Goldbraid – jimtheduckie)

After a long discussion of the pros and cons of the possible venture, Gräfin Ursula Mannpurtz entertained the idea of possibly of selling “stock” in her future diamond mine business through Elren Goodsoul. Confident that her accepting that much meant he had already convinced her, he planned to make the trip to Far Point immediately to iron out the details behind her initial offering to potential investors. Feeling that “Stock shares” encompassed the service he was selling people, Ter’s “Stock Market” had it’s seed planted. Only time, (and a lot of work) would tell if that seed would produce flowers.

A Capture (Gräfin Ursula Mannpurtz – BrieCS)

She staged an attack on the tavern it was at, and had to follow it by teleport to a small underground location. At the location, she, Maeron, and Inquisitor Greenbeard tried to restrain it, and Maeron was attacked and disintegrated by the Pit’Hai (who was obviously undead and magically powerful), and then magically restrained by Inquisitor Greenbeard. They gathered Maeron’s remains and took the Pit’Hai to the castle to be interrogated. After resurrecting Maeron, they interrogated the Pit’Hai and gained valuable information – including a reasonable estimate on how many Pit’Hai were attempting to attack, how they were attempting to attack, and the fact that they were in the dreaming, not to forget the names of his fellows here on the material plane.

Friendly Competition (Terasian Goldbraid – jimtheduckie)

Over-hearing Ursula asking for money made the elf think. Up until this point she had done such a fantastic job at hiding her true intentions, after all he still wasn’t sure what the bribe was intended to do, which meant it probably worked and he had played into something she had needed. But to now see her fumble about so clumsily in attempt to gather donations confused him. None-the-less, Elren felt that a bit of good charity work may actually benefit his reputation in the long run.

With nothing to lose but some time, he promised her 15,000 gold by the end of the week. Selling off small, inexpensive statuettes (limited edition! Each one is numbered!) for the donation of 1000g (put directly into a fund to stave off an evil threat, and thereby saving the world). By weeks end he had sold exactly 15 of the statues, and handed the bank voucher directly to Ursula. He hoped the gambit of no profit now for more profit later would pay up.

Motivations (Gräfin Ursula Mannpurtz – BrieCS)

At the tavern where the Pit’Hai was captured, they also found a poster asking for adventurers to find the key in Leis spoken of by Brother Tzertan. This was while Ursula was posting a request for Adventurers to travel to the city of Leis for the same reason, however, the purse for their request was much greater, thanks to Maurisson and Elren (who used the stupidity of the general public at court against them) and donations by herself and the King.

Diversifying (Terasian Goldbraid – jimtheduckie)

Feeling that large coffers of coin were not benefiting him at all, Ter invested in a decent sized inn. Paying 13,000 gold pieces, he hoped to be able to turn the less than stellar inn into a profitable business and possibly sell it off for a sizable profit.

Courtly Pursuits (Gräfin Ursula Mannpurtz – BrieCS)

She commissioned a series of everburning torches for the paths in the town of Far Point, as well as from the town to the keep. There has also been a development in her relationship with her father-in-law, Earl Jago Ortra, whom she recently found out is the source of much of the King’s delicate information. After doing a little investigating of her own, he has let her in just a little, and helped her to begin an investigation of the people at court. She learned that he knows very much about the city, and the people inside of it. He is a man with connections, and she intends to make some of those her own.

Imports (Terasian Goldbraid – jimtheduckie)

Getting a geographical location on a map, cross-referenced with the descriptions the Hin travelers had given him, Terasian Goldbraid tossed chance into the wind and teleported to a “slavetown” in the far east. There he found some Hin, but more strangely clothed people, really unlike any population he had ever seen before. But Ter was on a mission, and he wasn’t about to let a few togas stop him. Buying the aid of a priest and his magic, the entrepreneur purchased 40 more bottles of the Dreamer’s Draught. Confident that this purchase would be put to better use than the last batch he sold off, he sampled some local fare (fried goat-stuffed-goat-stuffed chicken for the lose), and teleported off with a few less coins and a lot more drugs.

Dispensing Information (Terasian Goldbraid – jimtheduckie)

Heading back to the elven capital he passed along the information that the Pit’hai were using the Dreaming to enter this world. The royals were grateful, but not particularly generous in response, but were happy to send Ter back to Pact.

Back to Business (Terasian Goldbraid – jimtheduckie)

Finishing the negotiations with Ursula proved successful. After a few days time (and further insurances against lack of trust) she accepted the offer to sell Stock of her future buisiness. Confident that the hardest person to negotiate into doing it was accomplished, Ter set his sights on a few other smaller topics prior to looking for the investors.

One such project was hiring contractors to fix up the Inn. He spared little expense in re-furnishing the entire building as well as repairing the structure. He also hired on a per-job basis to have Maurissen Blacktooth “convince” future potential clients that the deals being presented to them were in their best interest to go along with. He didn’t care much for her reasoning behind why she would help him, but he assumed her gift was typically going unused, which made very little sense.

Dark Transformation (Terasian Goldbraid – jimtheduckie)

He also was approached by Drealig Crowsfist once again. This time with an explanation into what he meant by experiments, and what he did with the blood given him. The dwarf offered to perform a ritual upon Ter, similar in nature that he had undergone himself, transforming Ter’s body into something different, and more powerful – by trading part of his soul for shadow. The fact that the same experiment was performed on the late Duke of Blackwash bothered Ter a bit, but the dwarf seemed confident that while there was a risk involved, that the reaction would be a beneficial one. After taking council with Maurissen, he decided to go ahead with the offer.



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