Campaign of the Month: January 2008

A Deadly Affair

Previously on "A Deadly Affair"

The latest developments

  • After being arrested for forgery and impersonating a noble, the doppelganger usually known as Reynard Mallefoot bribed his way out of prison, then impersonated the gaoler, got drunk in the middle of the day, hired a prostitute, and went back to the gaoler’s house – where his wife was still home. He fled after enraging her, then bumped into the gaoler on the street and spilled ale on him so he’d smell of alcohol. When the gaoler arrived home, his wife struck him fatally with a poker from the fireplace and Reynard summoned the City Watch to arrest her.
  • Botis hired a pair of half-wit ‘adventurers’ to distract the guards on Duke Reece Murra’s private chambers so he could slip in unnoticed (by using Stone to Flesh to weaken a wall). The ‘guards’ turned out to be a large clay golem, which quickly smashed the hapless distractions. Inside he found a tome detailing the terrible creature in the cavern under the keep and an alchemical apparatus containing a completed Lich potion.



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