Campaign of the Month: January 2008

A Deadly Affair

Slow Motion

Stepping into the world is like wading through tar.

The first step out into the world always feels like my heart is slowing down. It is such a change, and even with the ba-bump-ba-bump of my heart before the door, it is like drowning for the first few days.

This trip in particular is interesting. I have traveled to Andar, the Elven kindgom by the Wildlands. I feel out of place in a city filled with Elves, a race I am still unfamiliar with and who feel alien to me. While here, though, I met up with a… merry band of adventurers. Josephine and I met on the boat from Kaligtasan, and in Andar we met a paladin, and two humans (one of which seems to be a mite crazy, talking to herself all of the time).

While we were visiting a local tavern, we found a drunken dwarf – so drunk he had passed out – with two guards. A smashed dwarf is rare to see, so I had to investigate! Turns out he was trying to find someone to go investigate a “frozen city” near the Dwarven Free Cities. I have no idea where the Dwarven Free Cities are, but they said it was past the Wildlands, and I am excited to see more of the world, so I asked the others if they’d be interested in the trip.

It didn’t take too much convincing, except for the crazy Brownie, who we encouraged to act as a paragon for her city and help us to take out the demons that threaten it. We got a good map, some navigational equipment, and set out.

While we traveled, we ran afoot of some Red Caps and leucrotta, these terrifying cloven hooved wild dog-like monsters. It was not terrible to take them down, but having Manbat to take me around certainly made it easier. I took the Red Caps boots, and had them enchanted at the next town.

Later, we came to an abandoned city and ran into a group of strange vulture beasts who seemed to be doing some sort of evil, so we fought with them, and it was far more brutal than I expected. Afterwards, we hid through the night in a basement, and found a ashen corpse of a necromancer who had once lived there. I procured some terrifyingly strong alcohol from casks in the basement, and the next morning we investigated and found some interesting books. We also looked in the cauldron that was being mixed by the vulture beasts, and it brought some sort of spell upon us. I kicked it over, and a gold coin fell onto the floor, and I leapt for it. The magic on it was dispelled by the paladin, and we found the words “RET HEX” carved into it. Suspicious and definitely something I am interested in finding out more about.

In the same city, we walked through a broken rift into a resplendent town center, where a massive demon was living. We tried to bribe him with the coin into answering a question for us, but in confusion managed to anger him. Brownie convinced him to give her his “most valuable possession”, the head of a dwarf in a woven glass globe. He then tried to trounce us, but we managed to defeat him after a struggle. Once he was taken out, we were able to investigate the home, and found some Leistig codices. Nadina identified the globe – it allows us to ask one question of the head inside the globe each day. I’m intrigued, and look forward to finding out who this dwarf once was.



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