Campaign of the Month: January 2008

A Deadly Affair

Soul Searching

And all the pieces fall into place

Lem seldom makes a choice because it’s the right thing to do – he makes a choice because it’s the most profitable thing to do. For once, the two overlapped. After receiving advice from LiAndra Vale to not use the proper channels to recover Prince Dareon’s soul, Lem approached Nesiba Carbinian for help, claiming her to be one of the few decent people in the city.

Thanks to Nessie’s connections with the inquisitors, Lem was able to present his findings directly to Inquisitor Merrennin Greenbeard. Though initially remarkably skeptical, Lem managed to bribe Dean Monsoon into divulging just enough information to warrant a full scale investigation into House Deepwell. With the aid of the inquisitors, including Inquisitor Marny Turncrank, and some mercenary forces from House Tollek, Lem and Nessie teleported to House Deepwell.

After heavy protests from both Lord Deepwell and Volcas the Destroyer, Lem and Nessie began a thorough search of the estate with the aid of the inquisitors. Locating a secret lair, the two uncovered not only Dareon’s imprisoned soul, but proof of a conspiracy to usurp control of Pact after King Denar Telloran’s death.



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