Campaign of the Month: January 2008

A Deadly Affair

The Spring Festival

and the Dark Signs that Follow

Matters of Property (BrieCS)

Gräfin Ursula Mannpurtz has been spending a lot of her time working on business for the development of Far Point, much of it leading to her exhaustion, but it is primarily coming to fruition. She spoke to Inquisitor Merrennin Greenbeard whom she had worked with in the past (in the Deepwell murder investigations) about some of his relations coming to work with her miners in Far Point. As very talented gnome sappers, the team would blow away the permafrost and rock preventing her dwarven miners from mining out the diamonds.

She also commissioned a boat from Duke Francis Deepwell, hired a number of sailors and a captain, and many workers for Far Point. In a spur of inspiration, she posted a request at the Church of the Protector for any down-on-their-luck tradesmen to come to her scribe to see if they were a proper fit to be given properties in Far Point. The offer was well-received by a small group, and Ursula is hoping that this – combined with other efforts – will bring more lustre to Far Point.

She also spoke to the High Priest of Pact at the Church of the Nord about building a temple in Far Point, inviting their blessing on the new developments. She also spoke to some of the people at the University of the Archmage about bringing some of their more daring researchers to the Keep in Far Point.

Leg Work (jimtheduckie)

With his absolution achieved, his brain went into overdrive planning out his immediate future. Doing some VERY dirty leg work, he was able to track down the story of the man who sold him the sword, along with information about his unfortunate demise and the man who now held the 600g purse. Accompanied by Tobias, Terasian Goldbraid stole into the house, killed a sleeping guard, then made a fantastic attempt at stealth making his way upstairs, succeeding in alerting his target of his presence. Failing to impersonate the deceased guard led to a sword fight. Using the dark house to it’s fullest advantage though, the two rogues were able to slay the man, and his remaining cohorts, not feeling particularly confident, fled the scene. To the victors, spoils included the majority of his gold back, a magic dagger and a young girl bound up on a floor mat. The last of these he decided not to keep, and instead freed her and motioned for her to go home. Forced sex, after all, isn’t nearly as satisfying as sleeping with someone who thinks you’re a prince.

Testing Times (BrieCS)

Through this time, Ursula has managed to develop a decent group of followers and make a few new, important ties in the city of Pact. However, it has not been easy. Many people at court are judgmental and pretentious, and Ursula is definitely not a smooth talker. Her financial state is not near what others of her status is, either, and the cost of building up and improving Far Point has been very, very great.

On a personal note, it has been a very difficult time for Ursula. She was raised to be a warrior and to fight for respect and honor at court, focusing much less on the more social aspects of the courtly ideals. She fails miserably at much conversation, and is less charismatic than most of her fellows. Most of her attempts to create alliances or even make acquaintances have been greeted with negative responses. She tries very hard, but she’s suffering in her own attempts. Ursula is hoping that her work with Far Point and her recent accomplishments will make those at court more amiable to her and make her work at creating a public image easier.

A Strange Visitor (jimtheduckie)

One night upon returning to his room, a strange shape-changer greeted him. While at first Ter confused him for the doppleganger, it was revealed he was previously employed by the late Duke of Blackwash, and could provide information at the cost of a drop of blood. Unsure of the man’s intentions, and whether he could benefit from the information or not, Ter turned him away, though only before attempting to follow him after the man went invisible. The attempt was unsuccessful.

Uncomfortable Company (BrieCS)

Ursula has felt some discomfort lately due to the King putting a guard detail on her to ensure she isn’t in danger due to the doppleganger still on the loose. She feels it is unnecessary and feels imposed upon by the guard’s presence.

Petty Revenge (jimtheduckie)

Furthermore, Ter recruited Maurissen Blacktooth to assist him in getting revenge on the bastard tailor in Brightstar who overcharged him for clothes, and furthermore asked for more coin to get said clothes to him in a reasonable amount of time. The two, with Tobias, teleported directly into the shop during closed hours, and engaged the lone guardsman. Maurissen performed exactly as asked, and turned the man to stone, but not before he was able to sound an alarm, alerting the city guard. Quickly grabbing as much fine clothing as he could in a bag of holding, and sitting down on a large locked chest, they teleported back to Pact before any conflict came. After getting back safely, though they triggered a trap on the chest, it was learned it contained 20 flasks of Dreamer’s Draught. He thanked Maurissen for her help, and promised to pay her as soon as he was able to sell off the goods.

Back in Business (jimtheduckie)

With the revenge portion of his plans fulfilled, he then turned to furthering his wealth. He bought another small office with which to start another Pyramid Scheme. He teleported back to Blackwash to find what had become of his property, and what people were saying about him. Neither of these were beneficial, as the property was defaulted to the government, and people were generally angry with him at one level or another. Not to be discouraged though, he quickly began gathering information on those who were once invested in the scheme which he could possibly single out to fund him. A few weeks later, approaching two of these targets, he convinced them to give him a combined loan of 3300 gold to help along a “very lucrative enchanter” with a “promising business”. He planned on re-visiting them in a months time to further along their trust, and open their pockets wider.

Competitions (BrieCS)

Ursula trained hard for the upcoming tournament, and entered all three competitions. Her hard work paid off very well, however.

She competed in the Archery tournament, barely making it past a round in which she completely missed the target. Thankfully, so did the rest of the competitors. She continued to hit the targets with ease after the mistake, and it resulted in success when she won the competition.

The Melee was paced out over the three days, and some of the competition was very strong, including one of her most difficult challenges: fighting Baron Erik Modest. She nearly decapitated him, but he was thankfully protected by the enchantment on the tournament field. One fight was a trial due to their main competitor being a lizardman gladiator, assisted by some very annoying kobolds. She had a very difficult time competing in the melee this time around because she was part of a group, but it ended up being rather brilliant at the end when she ended up in the one-on-one competition against her cohort Maeron the Wild, who simply bent his knee, allowing her to take the 15,000 purse.

The joust was an incredibly difficult task, especially considering her prime competitors were Running Mountain, Sir Gregory, and Sir Julian Tollek. After a series of rough battles, she again had a wonderful run of luck and took the purse.

Holiday Money (jimtheduckie)

When Ter was in Blackwash during the holiday festivities, he took advantage of the mood to further swindle out his clientèle. This time around, he held back on that and simply let the business grow on it’s own. He did assist Ursula and her team on the melee event, gifting her a small set of Potions of Enlarge Person, and made a sizeable 3000 gold bet that the team would make it to the finals. The 3:1 odds he got then profited him a quick 5,000 gold, which he thanked her directly for. She also thanked him in the form of a silver circlet set with emeralds.

The Game of Thrones (BrieCS)

Recent events have caused Ursula much trouble. She has had to change her stance on secrecy in a very big way, and it has certainly made her into a very serious contender in the information game that is currently beginning to develop. Ursula has taken time to become close with the King, becoming a source of information as well as a handy source of muscle to keep near.

Strange Persons (jimtheduckie)

During the festivities, Ter spotted a peculiar humanoid, a particularly fiendish-looking half-orc. The foreboding feeling he got from it made him find Maurissen to ask if she knew anything of it, but in the time he took to find her, he lost track of the half-orc and thus wasn’t able to glean any information. He did track down where it went, and asked Tobias to watch over the pottery shop it was reported to go into, but even this attempt did not provide anything further.

Celebrations Interrupted (BrieCS)

At the celebrations after the tournaments, she noticed that the magically lit feasting grounds had gone dim. She brought it up to the Inquisitors, fearing something was wrong, and upon looking up witnessed the eclipse, an odd occurrence since both moons were eclipsed. It struck her as odd that it happened at the same time that the star called “The Sword” was in alignment with the moons. She discussed the matter with some of the other people at the court, including some of the elves that were there, and took what information she had gained to the University of the Archmage.

Dark Omens (jimtheduckie)

The feast celebrating the victors of the tournaments was interrupted by a full lunar eclipse, which shadowed both of the moons simultaneously. He heard the familiar voice of the Ebony-coloured man sitting to his side say “All can be explained for nothing more than a drop of blood”. Asking the man to leave the dining area with him, he agreed. The resulting conversation wasn’t quite the all-revealing information Ter had hoped for, but he did glean that the eclipse foreshadowed the return of the enemy of elves, whoever that may be, and that the Duke of Blackwash had planned on fighting the enemy head on, after seizing control of the kingdom. He also learned of the possible existence of a “Seed of Destruction”, the polar opposite of the Seeds of Life the elven rulers held. Ter did not learn what the half-orc was, or when this attack may happen. He took a candle with which he could use to call upon the man again, and left to speak with the New Andari pair. The elves said what Ter described could have been a Pit’Hai, the ancient enemy of the elves which were locked upon their home-world when the elves fled to this planet. They decided that the possibility of threat could exist, though the two were very doubtful, and agreed to speak with someone who would know more and possibly prepare for the future attack.

Interpretations (BrieCS)

With her knowledge of astronomy, Ursula knew that not only were the moons eclipsed, but a Star called the Sword, was also aligned. It was an incredibly odd event, and a bad omen, at that. She spoke to the Elves of New Andar, and attempted to speak with the Elves of New Ethiel. The Ethiel Elves were rude and aloof as always, deserting the party in a blatantly rude gesture. Elren mentioned seeing an orc-like beast, something that the Andari Elves identified as a Pit’hai. She learned what she could from the Andari Elves, then went to the University to ask them to begin research. She pored over star charts with them for much of the night, but little could be discovered without more details.

Gräfin Ursula Mannpurtz spoke to historians and an astronomer that evening to address the phenomenon, and gained little information, but asked them to continue to pass any information they found to her. The next day, she made use of the city’s large population and the Church of the Protector to find some ne’er do wells who would be willing to go about their normal days, but keep watch for the “Pit’Hai” that had been seen by Elren Goodsoul the day before during the end of the tournament. She paid them for taking the time to look, and then paid them a bit more if they brought her reliable information. She used coinciding reports to locate a tavern where the creature was seen, and set Maeron to observing the location for a period, but no sightings occurred.

At the current time, she’s letting the issue drift while she keeps in touch with Damien, and with Prince Karrel Gristuk, to see if anything has changed in either place. She’s awaiting results from her work at Far Point, and from Damien’s attempts to clear the High Pass of monsters.



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