Campaign of the Month: January 2008

A Deadly Affair


War Comes to Pact

The Usual Obstacles (Maurissen Blacktooth – Mousetrap)

Truly none of Maurissen’s new complications were unforseen. She had always thought of Prince Imazzar as a threat, but a vague one. Now it was real. He had stolen her idea for a performance hall, and the worst part was that he was most likely doing it just to see if he could. This was the only fact that angered her. It wasn’t the money, or the fame, it was a whim. Of course, it could be because he isn’t finished ruining her partner’s career…

More of the Same (Gräfin Ursula Mannpurtz – BrieCS)

The city of Pact is filled with people. This is not always the best of things.

Ursula has filled her time visiting with Damien and making arrangements to have a lighthouse built on the coast of Farpoint, and adding to her collection of magical protections and weapons – including bracers enchanted with the Body of the Sun spell, a fantastic enchantment that lit her body with blue fire to damage only those opposing her. She has investigated the possibility of bringing more residents to Far Point, in many different stations. At the most recent evening’s court, she announced she would be opening her gates to vassals to work the land, in the typical arrangement. She has also been speaking to the churches nearby to bring them there.

Patterns of Frustration (Terasian Goldbraid – jimtheduckie)

Things were going so well. Terasian was hiring people he felt were competent enough to perform the jobs he wanted, the building was actually starting to look like an establishment fitting of someone of his presence, and people were gobbling up Mannpurtz‘s Stock (he can’t remember the last time so many people parted with such large sums so willingly). He should have known a collapse was coming. It was exactly the same as in Blackwash. Things were going so well, then suddenly he’d be forced to evacuate the city and throw away all the hard work he had put in.

Old Enemies (Gräfin Ursula Mannpurtz – BrieCS)

Earlier in the day, before the announcement, she had spoken to Elren Goodsoul, who had some unnerving news for her. He had, that very day, spoken to Kenaz the Wolf, the cold follower of Norric whom she had beaten and humiliated in a tournament in Blackwash. According to Elren, the man claimed he was on a mission from his god, and that enough was reason to be uncomfortable. Norric, she knew well, was an evil, tortured god, one who reveled in cruelty and cold-hearted actions.

She spoke to a member of the Kings guard, invoking the protection they had promised, and requested an escort until Kenaz was found and continued about her business. The sheriff was set to ensure Kenaz was found.

A Pair of Problems (Terasian Goldbraid – jimtheduckie)

First it was Tariffs. Of course he was familiar with them, though they were the last thing on his mind when he was bringing the Draft into the country. He played stupid to the Sheriff though, and convinced him to wait on an appraisal until after the opening of his bar. Then it was… someone. After leaving court, Ter was walking with Maurissen to give he a donation towards her performance hall. He wasn’t particularly fond of the western music culture, but this new idea of advertising seemed to show promise, and when she explained that donators would receive a statue, well he just couldn’t pass it up. So on the way to the bank to give her the gold, he realized they were being followed, and therefore Ter directed them to duck into a nearby tavern and sit down.

The Face of the Foe (Gräfin Ursula Mannpurtz – BrieCS)

After court that evening, she left to go to dinner with her father-in-law, Jago Ortra. She was in the company of a member of the Order of the Falcon, her clerk, Edward Ellis, Dorf, and Maeron. A few moments from Jago’s home, she heard a clattering on the roof of a nearby building, and when she turned her head, there was the Winter Wolf that belonged to Kenaz the Wolf – or at the very least, a mockery thereof, with the horns and eyes of a Pit’Hai. It attacked Ursula, but she fought it back soundly, knocking it to unconsciousness in a short time with Maeron’s help and the fire from her body and weapon. She tied it up (with some difficulty), and then heard a rousing shout from nearby. It was a man, calling for her help.

Attacked (Terasian Goldbraid – jimtheduckie)

Even warning the hostess and guards of a potentially shady character wasn’t enough, as as soon as he entered the establishment, he ran the guard through with a sword and charged towards Maurissen. Detecting the thoughts of the thing, which soon was obviously some sort of machination, proved that it was sent on a mission to “Slay the medusa, capture the elf.” Unsure what to make of the attacker, and realizing that nothing he or Tobias did would harm the thing, Ter grabbed his companions and teleported them all to somewhere safe… or so he thought. Moments after arriving in his own bar, a huge metal humanoid burst through the wall and continued where the last golem left off.

He and Tobias were able to escape and summon the aid of Mannpurtz and the city’s inquisitors, but not before significant damage was done to the building.

And that furniture was so terribly expensive.

Paranoia (Maurissen Blacktooth – Mousetrap)

Nor was the sudden attack from a pair of golems truly unexpected. The Pit’Hai simply sent their most capable to try and destroy her. Well, she was undecided about her roll in the war until the massive Iron Golem’s sword ruined her favorite dress. Pity to be them.

First Responder (Gräfin Ursula Mannpurtz – BrieCS)

She told Maeron what to do – take the wolf to the Dome of Dreams, then alert the king. She ran to the screams, and found a large armored figure attacking the inn belonging to Elren. She burst through and attacked it with her gavel, only achieving a few blows before the combined efforts of the other defenders brought it down, revealing that it was a golem. After taking its weapon, she ensured that all of the others were taken to the keep or at least healed. She demanded an immediate audience with the King, and explained what had happened to her, and everyone else explained their stories. She asked for protection for those who had been attacked, asking that they all stay housed at the keep with some form of mind protection, and explained that she feared that the Winter Wolf had been possessed.

One Surprise (Maurissen Blacktooth – Mousetrap)

No, the only complication she did not see coming was the offer of one Earl Stavron Murra. He had found a way to break the Serpent’s Curse and turn her into a human. He seemed to mention rather specifically that it required human blood be shed, but she very nearly glossed over that fact. She had decided that yes, despite all the ties to the troll kingdoms that would be severed, she would perform the ritual. Until, that is, she was attacked directly by the Pit’Hai. She hated herself for admitting it, but she needed the protection and intimidation her form, and the Troll Empire, gave her.

Just Like a Nightmare (Gräfin Ursula Mannpurtz – BrieCS)

After these things had been decided, and she had some time to eject the bile from her stomach that stank of fear, she went with the others to find out what was occuring with the Winter Wolf.

At the Dome of Dreams, they interrogated the Winter Wolf’s possessor, finding some valuable information, including that demons had been keeping the Pit’Hai from invading Lies, and that they could not attack the elves because they did not sleep. They also found that this possession was the new plan for invading the kingdom, and that there a few defences against. Once the interrogation was finished, the brothers ejected the possessor from the wolf and healed the wolf.



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