Lady Adalia Murra

The elderly Lady of House Murra


Secluded in her family’s palace in Blackwash most of her life, Adalia is the youngest daughter of Duke Reece Murra, and to her knowledge the first child of his second wife, Lady Aravia (she is in fact the younger sister of Maurissen Blacktooth). The Duke’s departure from court has left her unavailable for courting by any of the young gentlemen of note, so the advances of a certain elven gentleman during the winter festival fluttered her heart.

Adalia has some limited spellcasting ability.

After the death of her lord father, she chose to go to Pact with Elren Goodsoul. She lived there with Earl Stavron Murra until he succeeded his brother as Duke. A few short years later, she wed Elren and bore him a son. Her half-elven son (a matter of controversy in much of the family) grew up to be the Duke after her uncle passed at a ripe old age.

Lady Adalia Murra

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