Duke Victor Goldbraid

Duke of Blackwash, head of House Murra


Victor is a half-elf of some forty years of age. His skin is strangely gray, and his black hair has a single strip of pure white running from his right temple toward the back of his head. Despite his slightly unusual appearance, most agree that he is quite handsome, and he has a knack for putting people at their ease. His clothes are always expensive, but never ostentatious.


Victor is the son of the Lady Adalia Murra and her husband Terasian Goldbraid – the wealthiest man in Archos, and an elf. Though his much of his family still prides itself on its racial purity and speaks disdainfully of him in private, he still publicly commands their respect and loyalty – and he’s not afraid to occasionally remind them that he is their lord.

He inherited the rule of Blackwash and all his family’s land and titles when he came of age, since his mother is the only surviving heir of Duke Reece Murra, and he is her only child. Though almost forty, he is unmarried, a fact which has provoked numerous rumors. He insists that his elven heritage gives him much more time to make these decisions that his human forebears could afford.

Like the other seven Dukes of Archos, Victor visited Pact for the King’s birthday celebration and subsequent Great Council.

Duke Victor Goldbraid

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