Gräfin Ursula Mannpurtz

A 'lady' of the cold, bitter north.


Armor: Hunter’s Plate

Items: Gemstone of Strength

She’s big. She’s blue. Really, other than the fact that she’s big and blue, what more do you need to know? Blonde, blue eyes, half-giant…
She dresses well and flamboyantly, unless she’s wearing armor. She likes fur.


Ursula grew up as the younger sister of a Paladin. Really. The experience has shaped her, along with living in the far reaches of the Valley of the Nord, cutting ice and hunting for food throughout her entire life. She is no weak woman. Her life with her sister has scattered any remnants of a lawful nature to the winds, and she strongly believes in the Nord, but believes more that they are a tool for her success than gods that will tamp her down.

She has become a well-known warrior and gained a good name in Archos, not to mention a title and lands rich with diamonds. Now married, Ursula allows her husband, Damien, to manage most of the affairs at their keep, while she attempts to achieve some of her own goals in the capitol. Those goals have been somewhat hampered by battling creatures still foreign to most in Archos, the Pit’Hai, and by the idiotic brilliance of the former, late Duke of Blackwash. Soon, though, she will reach her goal, and with her success, prove that she is far more than the sister of a Paladin.

Younger sister of Countess Naufin Mannpurtz. Wife of Damien Ortra. Earl of Far Point. Savior of Archos.


Maeron the Wild – cohort and Priest of Shima, a servant of the Nord.

Plame Longbeard – master blacksmith.

Edward Ellis – Clerk.

Kale – Animal Trainer.

Dorf – Valet.

In charge of affairs at Far Point are her husband, Damien Ortra, and Stewart Longhall, the Steward of Far Point.

Gräfin Ursula Mannpurtz

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