Fareed al-Siddiq

Prince of Boz, Contendor for the throne of Archos


Fareed Al-Siddiq is the half-Archosan, half-Pintari grandson of King Denar Telloran by the marriage of his eldest daughter to Siddiq al-Hazra, the High Prince of Boz.

Thanks to the combination of his mother’s blood and his father’s great wealth and authority, he is a serious contender for the throne of Archos. Many would welcome the rich trade his rule would be sure to bring, and the guarantee of a lasting relationship with their neighbors across the Near Sea. Others fear that his ascendency in Archos might destabilize the Pintari Council of Princes by putting too much authority in his hands – effectively making him King of both realms.

Fareed al-Siddiq

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