Red Ronald

A former illusionist from University of the Archmage, collecting trinkets both mundane and marvelous


Red Ronald was dismissed from the University after a few too many disastrous experiments and practical jokes gone awry. After scamming peasants got boring, he joined up with an orc familiar with the Great Wastes and scoured the desert for Gnomish relics. While usually finding only junk, Red Ronald came across a very lucrative, and potentially deadly, prize.

After years of research and dumb luck, Red Ronald managed to piece together the remains of an iron golem, which he refers to as his “Titan.” While he was never able to activate the golem, his research indicated it was fueled by a demon or devil instead of an elemental. The golem was, unfortunately, reclaimed by the gnomes before Red Ronald could successfully activate or sell the golem.

Red Ronald also spent time in Leistos searching for similar relics to show off in his traveling museum. Like his findings in the Great Wastes, most are junk with the exception of a flaming sword.

Lem occasionally refers to him as Ronald McDonald. It just has a certain ring to it.


Red Ronald

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