Terasian Goldbraid


Son of a wealthy elven Merchant, Terasian never got along with his conservative family. The fact that he stole from them on multiple occasions didn’t really help either. In the end he was disowned, changed his name, and went to make his own wealth. After a few short difficult years trying to get little more than food, he found that if he trusts his words more than his fingers, people are much more inclined to “help” him. And so it was one day that he convinced a older woman that her 5 gold could help save the life of a poor homeless boy that Ter’s wealth began.

Since then he’s joined a group of similarly minded elves, established his skills among them, and gone off to explore the world, and find as many suckers as he can.

Terasian became something of a nomad for quite some time, a civilized nomad (by some standards) but nomadic none-the-less. Bouncing from city to city, picking out those who had more money than their intelligence could contain, and relieving them of the excess. Never overly profitable, he managed to build up a bit of liquid funds to help pay for food and shelter, and a few of life’s fundamentals; booze, female companionship, gambling. Eventually he made his way into the human lands where he made the first (and not last) big mistake of his career. Joining ranks with a mage, he planned out a low and dirty robbery. The target was a fat one, and the residence was completely empty at the time, making for a simple sneak in and get out. But gold coins filled Terasian’s mind as the job went on, and soon enough he found himself on the wrong end of a pissed off wizard. In an akward chain of events Terasian was teleported with nearly no belongings, not far from the city of Deepwell.

He stole a horse and wandered into Deepwell with only the clothes on his back, a small purse of silver, and the wits in his head. He managed to talk his way into the court of the Duke of Deepwell under an assumed name, and soon set about gaining the confidence of the local lords and merchants. In no time at all, he was setting up money-making schemes that made him rich – without losing his victims quite enough money to make them suspicious. Eventually, events in Deepwell conspired to make the city inhospitable, so he traveled south to Blackwash. There, he met the Lady Adalia Murra and made quite an impression. He continued his former activities, and even started up a few brand new schemes that made him even wealthier – though problems with the Duke of Blackwash soon sent him running for his elven homeland – with Lady Adalia.

Ter eventually moved to Pact where he set up shop and slowly converted his ill-gotten gains into legitimate businesses and investments. The pace of his wealth growth slowed somewhat, but he nevertheless rivalled even the crown’s wealth. Some years later, after the business with crossing the Pit’Hai over from the Dreaming was concluded, he married Lady Adalia and they had children together. With his comparatively meager beginnings and lack of noble title, he could not be the Duke of Blackwash himself, but his son Victor inherited the title.

Terasian now travels the world, tending to his business deals and contacts. Though the true extent of his wealth is almost impossible to pin down, it is almost certain he is one of the richest men alive.

Terasian Goldbraid

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