Tag: House Murra


  • Lady Adalia Murra

    Secluded in her family's palace in Blackwash most of her life, Adalia is the youngest daughter of Duke Reece Murra, and to her knowledge the first child of his second wife, Lady Aravia (she is in fact the younger sister of

    Terasian Goldbraid

    Son of a wealthy elven Merchant, Terasian never got along with his conservative family. The fact that he stole from them on multiple occasions didn't really help either. In the end he was disowned, changed his name, and went to make his own wealth. …

  • Duke Victor Goldbraid

    Victor is the son of the [[:adaliamurra | Lady Adalia Murra]] and her husband [[:terasian | Terasian Goldbraid]] - the wealthiest man in Archos, and an elf. Though his much of his family still prides itself on its racial purity and speaks disdainfully of …