Church of the Trinity

History and Teachings

A relatively young religion that first became popular among sailors crossing the treacherous waters of the Near Sea, this faith can be traced back at least as far as the Dark Age following the fall of Leistos. Since then it has spread to become one of the largest religions in the known world, counting almost a third of Archos’s population as believers and having churches as far away as Pintare and the Far Islands.

Adherents of this faith believe in a single god with three major aspects or representations – the Creator, the Destroyer, and the Guide. They believe it is the Creator that brings everyone into the world, the Guide who attempts to lead them down the path to their destiny, and the Destroyer who punishes them for straying, and ultimately ends everyone’s life at the appointed time. While the religion is Monotheistic, most believers pray to one aspect of the god or another depending on the nature of their supplication. Craftsmen often pray to the Creator for skill in their art, travelers to the Guide for safe passage and warriors to the Destroyer to strike down their enemies. Many of the priests prefer to assume the role of one of their God’s aspects, and their specific devotion can lead them to express their divine power differently.

The official dogma of the Church of the Trinity is that no other gods exist, and all other religions are false teachings, their miracles and holy men merely the servants of deceitful spirits – and potentially themselves duped. Many of the laity take a less hostile view of other religions, often thinking that the Trinity is simply the best and most powerful of a number of gods.


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Church of the Trinity

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