Creation Story

The True Creation Story

A quintet of elemental deities from a distant plane grew tired of the quarrels between the gods of their home and the races they’d created, and tired of the supplications of their worshipers. These deities, called the Omma, represent not only an element, but also a strong philosophical stance associated with that element. The god of Air is Jok, a being of chaos. Fire is governed by the evil god Raikan, Earth by the lawful Tar, and the lord of Water is the good Helos. The last deity of the five is Otan, associated with Life and Balance, who mediates between the other four.

In order to escape the world they once belonged to, the five traveled to a distant corner of the Astral Plane, where they discovered a great Astral Storm. In the eye of this storm, they established their new Prime Material. After the effort of bringing this fragment of calm to the storm, they rest.
Eventually, the Omma become restless in this void they’ve created. The first to act is Jok, filling the void with ether and atmosphere. Not to be outdone, Raikan puts a great fire to the void, filling it all with light. Tar acts next, creating all the worlds and bodies of the heavens. Helos then covers many of the worlds with water, and seeds it throughout the heavens as well. Last, Otan sets the worlds in motion, separating day from night and creating the seasons.

Otan and the other Omma descend to the second world, the place most balanced in the four elements. There, they work to create life, eager to make a self-sufficient world, a place where they can interact without worry – as equals, but each still comfortable within their own element. Raikan creates the Trolls, knowing that only sentient creatures can harness the full force of his element. Concerned that these powerful, sentient creatures could dominate the world and tilt the balance of this pristine place in Raikan’s favor, each of the Omma in turn creates a sentient race of their own. Helos creates the gnomes, gifting them with a great talent for arcane power. On a whim, Jok mimics the size of Helos’s creation, his mischievous tendencies producing the Halflings. After much thought, Tar creates the Dwarves, short like the creations of Jok and Helos, but strong enough to face the Trolls. Lastly, Otan borrows energy from each of the other four to create Humans, each one with a perfect balance of the four elements. There they agreed that they must not interact directly with their creations, for fear of the fate of their old world overtaking this one.

Unfortunately, any knowledge of this true story of creation was lost in the Cataclysm of the Old World. Since the Omma take no part in the lives of mortals and seek no worship, none have since rediscovered them.

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Creation Story

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