Cult of Korun

History and Teachings

A truly rare religion in Archos, very few of the Pit’Hai that crossed into the Material Plane brought their dread religion with them. The terrifying God-Lich Korun remains trapped in the Dreaming with his army of the dead, unable to directly influence mortal lives. A few still worship him, though, and a few individuals of the world’s native races have heard his voice in their dreams and become his prophets and adherents.

Korun’s followers preach that all life is futile and doomed to end in suffering. A new un-life in this mortal realm awaits the faithful, a life free of pain and free of physical needs. With greater service will come greater power and more advanced forms of unlife. Korun preaches that eventually he will raise every corpse to his will, but those who do not worship shall have their bodies raised as the unintelligent undead.

The Cult acknowledges the power of other priests and religions, but believes they shall all eventually fall to the might of Korun and the death that every living thing must face. Above all, the Cult hates and seeks to damage the interests of all elves, since it was they who imprisoned and killed Korun before his rise.


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Cult of Korun

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