• Population: 22,000
    • 92% human
    • 4% dwarf
    • 2% gnome
    • 2% other
  • Literacy: 60%
  • Geography: Deepwell is built on a tiny stretch of land at the tip of a peninsula guarding the Bay of Storms. With very little cropland, most of the city’s food supply must be brought in by ship across the bay or across the Near Sea (though hardier supplies are caravaned the long way around the bay). The city depends almost entirely on foreign commerce, so when the winter storms sweep down out of the North and sea travel becomes dangerous, much of the city shuts down. The Sea Keep guards the primary entrance to the bay and serves as the seat of House Deepwell.

Deepwell is the seat of House Deepwell, and claims that it was once home to the original prophet of the Trinity. The city stands on the tip of a narrow, curved peninsula sheltering a large navigable bay and the inlet to the River Swift – a river that remains navigable all the way inland to Pact.

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