Dream Book

Before Entering Pact: Vision shows this during a storm.

x Nessie
Lem x
E * LiAndra* FleurW
Dalara x

Vision during the surprise storm following the murder in the Temple:

Four storms merge onto the city. From the east, the storm turns the city to gold. From the west, the storm turns the city to stone. From the south, the storm burns the city to the ground. From the north, the storm overturns the city and all that is left is an empty field.

All the religious buildings and spires in Pact crumbling to the ground.

I’m in a large library with rows of books in all directions. A table is before me strewn will scrolls on prophesy. One is called Anteres Complete Interpretation of Prophesy with the its area marked clearly. A short cloaked being is up above. He/she sets magical fire to the books. It starts sweeping through the library. A scream tells me someone is trapped. I don’t have enough time to grab the scroll and save the person, so I cast Gust of winds to hold off the fire long enough for me to somehow manage to lift the bookcase off the man and grab the scroll before the fire got it. I awake from the dream with an orb of magical essence in my hand. After awaking, I realize the man I helped save from the fire is a more human looking version of Strakvein’s human form.

Dream Book

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