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Regional Languages

Common – which is only truly common to the Kingdom of Archos

Hinn – a complex tonal language spoken by the Hinnir, it is notoriously difficult to learn.

Islander – a simple-sounding language spoken by the inhabitants of the Far Islands, and to a lesser extent on the Near Islands

Pintare – the language of the independent cities of Pintare

Sea Tongue – the language used by most undersea races near the coast.

Trader-Tongue – a pidgin combining elements of the above three, used by merchants and sailors to trade goods between these three regions.

Wilden – a name for the many different languages spoken by the tribes of the Wildlands. The languages are well-enough related that knowing one will allow a character to make himself known in the others (though it may sometimes require a simple Linguistics check to figure out a new word or phrase (DC 10-15)).

Racial Languages

Troll – also used by other troll-blooded races like orcs, goblins, etc. Also the regional language of the Troll Kingdoms

Gnomish – a language used in many magical texts, even by non-gnomes, as gnomes are the most magically talented race native to the world.

Halfling – a dying language rarely spoken even by halflings, who prefer to speak the regional languages common to their area.

Dwarven – a language also used by some miners and craftsmen due to the greater vocabulary applicable to their field.

Elven – a language made rare by the relative rarity of elves.

Magical Languages

Sylvan – the language of Fey, Treants, and many of the other good creatures that come from the Dreaming.

Auran – the elemental language of Air.

Ignin – the elemental language of Fire.

Aquan – the elemental language of Water.

Terran – the elemental language of Earth.

Draconic – the language of the most powerful creatures to cross over from the Dreaming, it is also spoken by most reptilian and Dragon-blooded races (Lizard folk, kobolds, etc.).

Celestial – the language of all incarnations of good (most often conjured from the Dreaming), also used in some religious services (the way some Catholics use Latin).

Infernal – the language of Lawful Evil incarnations, also used for some less-than-savory contracts.

Abyssal – the speech of Chaotic Evil incarnations, it has no proper written form, though the Infernal alphabet is sometimes used to write it out as the phonetics of the two languages are similar.

Secret or Extinct Languages

Crime Cant – a code used by some thieves’ guilds to discuss business in public. Crafted to sound like heavily accented speech.


Pit’hai – the language of the elves’ enemy, no native speakers have ever dwelt on this world, and few elves ever bothered to learn it. Those that did have no intention of passing it on, in an attempt to eradicate the memory of it’s speakers. The small population of Pit’Hai in the world keeps this language alive.

Leistig – the language of the old Kingdom of Man – Leistos. The current Common language and the Wilden tongues both have distant roots in this language.

Omma – the speech imparted to all races by their elemental creators (the Omma). Exists now only in some ancient texts, carvings, and obscure ceremonies or rituals. This language has not been used since the Cataclysm of the Old World, though a few people have deciphered it.

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