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Cities in Archos


Blackwash is the seat of House Murra, and occupies an important geographic location at the Black River delta. The delta is impassable to all shipping traffic but certain shallow-drafted barges, so most cargo is off-loaded in the city and moved upriver or out to the furthest island before being reloaded on boats.


Deepwell is the seat of House Deepwell, and claims that it was once home to the original prophet of the Trinity. The city stands on the tip of a narrow, curved peninsula sheltering a large navigable bay and the inlet to the River Swift – a river that remains navigable all the way inland to Pact.

Pact (Capital)

Pact is the capitol and largest city of Archos. The city is named for the ancient treaty that bound the people of Arkuz and the survivors of Leistos into a single nation. Pact sits at the confluence of the Red River and the River Swift, and is near the geographic center of the country. Rich farmlands and small forrests surround the city, and merchants travel from all over the known world to visit one of the three largest cities on the planet.

Cities in New Andar


Brightstar is the third-largest city of Andar, and the smallest settlement that can still properly be called a city. It is located near the border with Archos, making it an important trading hub. Travel through the Wildlands is still as dangerous as the name suggests, but Elven and Wildling guides can usually be hired here.


Goldwater is the seat of House Goldbraid, an important merchant family in Andar. The city is deep in the heart of the Wildlands, on the edge of the relative safety of the Elven kingdom. The city was originally founded as a haven where the weary elves could live apart from all the other races, with the Wildlands as a natural and magical barrier. Since then, the city has been used to establish infrequent trade with lands further North and East.

New Rellien (Capitol)

New Rellien is the seat of the Royal Families of Andar and home to their Palace of the Three Houses. It is the largest city of Andar, and the Wildlands surrounding the city have been almost completely tamed. As a result, it has also become a hub of trade for the Wildling tribes, whose trade groups live in large, well-ordered camps around the city.

Cities in Pintare


Boz is one of the Five Great Cities-States that make up the loosely-knit confederacy known as Pintare. It is ruled by High Prince Siddiq al-Hazra.

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Major Cities

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