• Population: 1,179,000
    • 68% human
    • 11% gnome
    • 7% halfling
    • 6% dwarf
    • 5% troll-blooded
    • 3% other
  • Literacy: 59%
  • Geography: This sprawling city near the center of Archos serves as the seat of the monarchy. Located at the confluence of two rivers, the city is dominated by the large hill topped by the Fifth Keep – so named because it is the fifth keep built on that very spot. Pact is named for the agreement made there that united the nations of Arkuz with the fragments of Leistos, creating the new Kingdom of Archos.
  • Houses and Affiliations
  • Important Locations
    • Fifth Keep
    • The Black Heron (a prominent adventurers’ bar)
    • The Dome of Dreams
    • The University Tower of the High Archmage
    • Mudtown
    • King’s Market

The capital city of Archos is a bustling metropolis that long ago outgrew its original street plan. Archos has grand palaces, soaring fantastic architecture, and murderous slums.

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