Campaign of the Month: January 2008

A Deadly Affair

Trading coin and bullets with gnomes

Never trust a gnome you can't eviscerate with dire lions

Tracking down a gnome artifact in Pact has proven like finding a needle in a haystack for Lem. Fortunately for Lem, it seems the artifact had come to him. An expelled illusionist from the University of the Archmage had set up a tent outside the city limits, filled with trinkets from both Leistos and the Great Wastes. While most appeared to be either junk or illusions, Lem took great interest in the “Titan” which appeared to be an inactivate golem. Eager to off-load the relic, the curator, Red Ronald, agreed to sell the golem to the tower for 15,000 gold.

As Lem worked with his Archon to secure the gold and transporation for the golem, someone had already tipped the gnomes off as to where their missing property had wound up. As Lem and his Archon arrived to purchase the golem, six gnomes teleported into the tent and began attacking everyone in sight. While Lem and the Archon managed to slay four of the gnomes, two escaped with the head and chest of the golem.

Not to walk away empty handed, Lem took with him several of the gnomes firearms and some strange collar-like devices before the guards arrived. Also, for a small sum, Lem purchased Red Ronald’s research notes on the golem. Some profit may yet come from this endeavor.



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