Strakfane the Ancient

The Ruler of the Trollmounts and Scourge of Men


Ancient beyond reckoning, Strakfane crossed over to the World of the Waking some time around the Cataclysm of the Old World – long before even the rise of Leistos or the Empire of Antiri the Lich.

Strakfane recently descended from his mountain fastnesses to burn the countryside at the request of Duke Reece Murra, though he was convinced to return to the safety of his lair by Maurissen Blacktooth. He later assisted in stopping the Dead Army of Korun from crossing over into the material plane.

It has recently been revealed that Strakfane holds the rulers of Archos to some ancient bargain. He leaves the kingdom in relative peace, and the bodies of the Kings are given over to him after their deaths.

Strakfane the Ancient

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