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All supernatural power in the world of A Deadly Affair draws its energy from the same source – the creative power of the the Omma. How it manifests to a character depends on their method of controlling it.

Intelligence-based spell-casters and manifesters use formulas handed down through the ages to draw up and focus this primal energy into magic spells or psionic powers. Wisdom-based spell-casters rely on their understanding of and devotion to their ideals to fuel their spells (Clerics use the force of their devotion to their deities or ideals to shape the energy around them rather than being directly granted spells by an external deity). Charisma-based magic users simply enforce their will upon the world around them with sheer force of personality.

Specifically, in A Deadly Affair magic and psionics are considered the same (the basic rule), so power resistance is equivalent to spell resistance (and vice versa), detect and dispel magic also work against psionic powers (and vice versa), and the Use Magic Device skill also allows rogues to attempt to use psionic devices.

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