Most fantasy games treat the subject of religion as a settled matter. Here are the gods. They are real, magic proves it. We’ve even seen them take a direct hand in things. In the real world, there are both monotheistic and polytheistic religions, and many of them disagree about a great many things. This setting takes a view much like the latter. Some religions (the polytheistic ones) say “hey, maybe your God is a god, but he’s one of many”, while the others accuse everyone else of being demon-worshipers and cultists. Since wizards and sorcerers use magic without any god’s help (they assure us), who’s to say that those other clerics from that other religion aren’t doing the same?

World Religions

Church of the Flame

A monotheistic religion from the distant land of Pintare, the Church of the Flame claims to have existed in one form or another since the very beginning of time, though no written record remains of the world before the Cataclysm. Trade with Pintare has spread this faith to the shores of Archos and the Troll Kingdoms, though conflict with the native religions has prevented them from moving much further inland.

Church of the Trinity

A relatively young religion that first became popular among sailors crossing the treacherous waters of the Near Sea, this faith can be traced back at least as far as the Dark Age following the fall of Leistos. Since then it has spread to become one of the largest religions in the known world, counting almost a third of Archos’s population as believers and having churches as far away as Pintare and the Far Islands.

The Nord

One of the most ancient religions still widely practiced, the Nord is a polytheistic religion that venerates five primary deities and a small host of demigods serving each one. Most popular in the north of Archos, this religion evolved with the old clan system of Arkuz. Like that clan system, it emerged after the cataclysm of the old world and has declined somewhat since the fall of Leistos.

Cult of Korun

A truly rare religion in Archos since very few of the Pit’Hai that crossed into the Material Plane brought their dread religion with them. The terrifying God-Lich Korun remains trapped in the Dreaming with his army of the dead, unable to directly influence mortal lives. A few still worship him, though, and a few individuals of the world’s native races have heard his voice in their dreams and become his prophets and adherants.

Rules Information

See each religion’s page for guidelines that may apply to priests, clerics, and followers.

Each deity or religion does not have a hard and fast list of domains and powers available to their followers. Instead, use the information presented as a guideline when picking domains and class abilities.

Cleric Domains

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