The players are the big movers and shakers of their world – the nobles, merchants, and authorities who walk the halls of power. Each pursues their own goals and remains wary of the sinister forces that threaten to tear their kingdom apart.

Collaborative Storytelling

All tabletop roleplaying games are about telling a story together. The GM sets the scene and brings in the background characters and the danger, and the players create their roles and bring the excitement. Creating your own role is a little easier when you have a little more knowledge of the setting.

1st, that’s what this site is for.

2nd, you know something even better when you’ve created it.

Not everything in this setting is nailed down, and not every town, religion, or culture is defined. If you want to create a new town, religion, or whole geographic region – you can. If you want to change some detail somewhere to give your character significance or just to add your own flavor – you can. Talk to the GM, and we’ll figure out how to fit it in.

Experience for Updates

Any player that posts their character recent actions, accomplishments, and interactions will receive 10% of the XP they need for the next level at the beginning of the next session. Rewards will also be given for updating character profiles, adding NPC’s, and posting items.

Campaign Minimum Experience

If you’ve missed a few sessions and are behind on experience as a result, your character will be brought up to the campaign minimum experience level at the beginning of the session.

Current campaign minimum experience: 19000

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A Deadly Affair

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